Do you need a case for the iPhone 5c?



With the introduction of the iPhone 5c it got me thinking – do you actually need to use a case?

I have used an iPhone since the 3G and back in those days I rarely worried about breaking it since it was a nice plastic back and felt really sturdy so if it did slip out of your hand it would hold up.  However since the introduction and the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 chassis, cases were a bit more of a must have.  The back of the iPhone 4 was very brittle and I personally lost one due to a broken screen.  Therefore I used a case on it so that I didn’t have to potentially fork out for a new one if I did manage to drop it.  The iPhone 5 aluminium housing is a lot more durable but those edges are a bit of a scratch magnet, so again a case if preferable if you are looking for re-sale value.

Now that Apple have brought back the plastic I feel that you need to make a decision based on do I really want to use one over I really need one!  If you want to maximise the re-sale value or protect the screen then I would recommend you pick up a case but if you want comfort and you don’t worry so much about scratches then leave it.

Let me know what you choose…

If you want to be in with the chance of winning a 5c, head over to here as MobileFun are giving one away in a competition – Good Luck.

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